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Our Software

S.D.E.A. use bespoke software to undertake all aspects of the design of a CFRP strengthening system. To provide our standard online services we use EN 1992-1-1 supplemented by the Draft UK National Annex as a base for our design. We supplement EN 1992-1-1 with ACI and AS5100 standard requirements, along with fib 90 (2019), and TR55 (2013) to ensure that an economical design is achieved and that an installation specification utilising the most current knowledge on the topic is available to our customers.

We are able to use other National Annexes for design to EN 1992-1-1 if required.

Features of our Service

ULS Checks

Flexure - our software determines flexural resistance using an iterative solver to ensure that the maximum capacity is obtained.

Shear - The TR55 (2013) approach to determining the strut angle is available in preference of the EN1992-1-1.

Columns - our software will produce a NM interaction diagram that takes consideration of maximum eccentricity permitted in EN1992-1-1.  


  • Stress Checks - the S.D.E.A. software assesses long term effects where, superimposing pre and post strengthening strain states to determine component material stresses.

  • Crack Width - While this check is not included in EN1992-1-1, crack width calculations, if needed, are produced using the TR55 (2013) approach.

  • Deflection - All provisions of EN1992-1-1 are implemented for deflection checks. 


  • SN curves are produced for each stress range provided. Fatigue checks are undertaken for  the CFRP material. Stresses are made available for each stress range to the customer should concrete and steel fatigue checks need to be undertaken by the user.

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