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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of question we are commonly asked about our service. 

If you have a query that is not covered below, please Contact Us so we can help.


Can you attend site inspections

Our service is currently limited to an online engineering design and specification of strengthening of systems for concrete members utilising available assessment information which is submitted to us. 

We are currently unable to organise a site visit, but would be able to receive and evaluated videos taken from site to help with queries if needed.

If this is required, please Contact Us to discuss your needs. 

Can you undertake a structural assessment to inform strengthening needs

S.D.E.A. is a new business with the specific aim of producing design of strengthening systems for concrete structures.

While we currently may not have all of the available tools and software to undertake a full structural assessment, we may be able to support in certain situations.

If this is required, please Contact Us to discuss your needs. 


What do mean by a member 

Our service is aimed at providing a simple and transparent fee structure for our customers.

We refer to 'members' in the same way that EN 1992-1-1 does. These are individual components of a structure that carry action effects from one point to the next, for example a beam carries loads to columns, columns carries loads between floors of a building.

Our fixed fee relates to strengthening of individual beams or columns that are members in a structure.

If you need further clarification for your specific project, please Contact Us so we can assist further.

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