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How to Use our Service

We offer an economical design services. To ensure we can provide this, we need certain information provided to us.

We have outlined the specifics of what we need in detail on this page.

Contact Us with your design needs, and we will provide a proforma that outlines the information we need.

Information Needed to Deliver our Service

  • As built drawings showing dimensional information of the element being strengthened, and the size and position of all reinforcement, post-tensioning, or pre-stressing, or equivalent information obtained from site testing;

  • Material properties of all constituent materials of the element being strengthened in accordance with EN 1992-1-1;

  • Preferences for which strengthening strengthening system will be installed to enable us to ascertain all necessary material properties required for design.

  • Engineering design calculations that explicitly identify all design action effects on the element during strengthening (including consideration of any construction loads), and all ULS load combinations relevant to the design of the strengthening system. Action effects are required for the full length of the element, and sufficient information is needed to interpolate as required along the length of the element.

  • Combinations of axial and flexure that which need to catered for in the strengthening design.

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